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I really thought I was overcaffienated this morning, what with the pint of coffee at home and the cup of coffee I got while waiting for my Monday morning meeting to begin, and then the green tea that I had to try once I got into the office, but the feeling persists so apparently I’m just that way. Which is ok. Because it’s a good week to be in super fast mode. After the pretty perfect weekend, we have BF’s cousin in town and coming over for dinner tomorrow night, BF’s birthday Wednesday, drinks with some old coworkers on Thursday, and then both the roommate’s birthday and a party here on Saturday. Whoa. No brakes. Can’t hit the brakes.

Saturday I went shopping with my friend that lives all of 10 or 15 minutes away, but I see rarely. She’s a stay at home mom of two, one of which is an infant. Our schedules don’t jive at all. But, when I went to her kid’s birthday party a few weeks ago we penciled Saturday afternoon on the calendar, and it worked out! We shopped. I got some clothes, like a dress for the wedding that I’m going to next month that I really like but there’s a good chance I won’t wear. It was good and fun.

First we went to the farmers’ market. Then, while I shopped, BF and MarleyQ went for a more strenuous hike than they intended. I got home before them so I vacuumed. Then we went and got a pizza. Marley is usually a little disappointed when we leave her on the weekends, but this time she didn’t care. She looked like this from the moment that they got home:

Post-hike Marley

Then Sunday it snowed. Wow did it snow! We thought we were getting and inch or two, and we got five! That’s a big deal for these parts. I made breakfast—eggs from the farmers’ market. Another reason I love the market is that I grab a dozen eggs, open them up, and they look like this:

 Eggs from the Market

You mean all eggs aren’t popped out in one size and color??? AMAZING!

It snowed. I did laundry. I cleaned. I scared everyone by organizing. (WHY does that scare people so much?) Marley slept. I started baking bread. It finally stopped snowing. BF went out to shovel.  Marley awoke and ran out the door with him.

We have these new neighbors. One is a youngish-looking woman, the other a my-age looking woman and her son, who can’t yet be two. When I looked outside, they had wandered to our yard and were throwing snowballs for Marley. She LOVES catching them, but gets all kinds of confused when they explode on impact and there’s nothing left in her mouth. It’s great. So they’re throwing snowballs, and she’s either chasing them or catching them and then searching for them. Then the little boy gets into it. She’d get up really close to him and crouch down, woofing at him in these short, excited woofs usually reserved for beef jerky or chicken. He’d laugh and laugh and lob the snowball the foot that he could throw, and she’d lunge for it, catching it. Every so often he’d thrust his hand forward just so, not letting go of the snowball, and she’d snatch it from his hand and dash away. He’d giggle and giggle. It was so great.

Then the dog from next door came out, and,  the next thing I know, she and Marley are doing the doggy dance, crouching and jumping and racing around the yards.  This wouldn’t have been quite so amazing and amusing if my dog actually liked other dogs, but she generally does not. She’s shy; and, instead of being cowardly, she’s likely to get snippy. But there she and Tuffy were, and bear in mind that we refer to Tuffy as ‘The Manatee’ because of her size, running through the snow from yard to yard in wild excitement. It was great.

It was the perfect packing, yet fluffy snow, that sat atop the branches but wasn’t super heavy to clean up. It was so beautiful. I didn’t get any pictures of Tuffy and Marley because that would have meant I would have had to actually get dressed. But I did get these shots through the windows:

Snowy Branches

 Snowy Front Yard

Amazing, no? By this morning, the temperature was up and the branches were dropping swaths of snow like ice bombs as I dashed and drove underneath. I found it fun, the slaps of snow hitting the car, but I don’t think the poor old lady with the handicap plates on the road in front of me this morning did. Holy brake lights. LOTS of brake lights…

Now where did I leave that dust cloth from when I started dusting while dinner was cooking after I went to Target and the grocery store on my way home from work, and while the laundry was still spinning in the washer…


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Snowy Weekend

We headed up to West Virginia last weekend to ski/snowboard with a group of friends. Ten of us and three dogs descended upon our friend’s parents’ “cabin” for the long holiday weekend. We cooked and ate. W e drank. We played in the foot of snow that fell while we were there. AND, I finished knitting the third stocking hat. Now I’m weaving in ends like a madwoman.

On Friday, we all hit the slopes because it was a holiday weekend and we didn’t want to deal with the true weekend crowds. There were no lift lines at all. It was oh, maybe 8 degree out. Holy cold. We had to buy gators and goggles, and I got brain freezes from the air rushing up my nose as I zoomed down the slopes. But man, was it fun. We trooped back to the cabin. Everyone was so hungry. We had some food, listened to the boys play guitar and relaxed for the evening. Marley was very happy.

Hungry Cabin Sunset Marley Grin

Saturday the boys decided to build a jump in the driveway. We spent a good chunk of the day outside cheering, taking pictures and running around with the dogs in the snow.

Marley and Fatboy had fun playing…

Snowy MarleySnowy Fatboy


…but Fiji was not to be trusted off leash what with all those geese and deer around.

Snowy Fiji

They made me wish I could snowboard. Or jump on my skis, for that matter.

Winn Jump Jay Jump Kris Jump

We weren’t quite sure we’d get out of there on Sunday. We ended up caravanning with 4 cars through some nasty roads and whiteout conditions in the mountains, but it made for a gorgeous ride, and we all made it safe and sound.

Drive Home Snowy Barn Snowy Road

In other excitement, I also cut my hair off this week. Back in September I decided I was thoroughly bored and cut nine inches off so it was just above my shoulders, angled from the back forward. I liked it a lot, but got bored again pretty quickly. I got it trimmed back in November, even shorter this time, and the little bit of funkiness that it had possessed with the last cut somehow disappeared and I had a bob. I never, ever wanted a bob. So, I went to the salon with my friend and her hair person handed me a pile of magazines and this pixie-ish cut jumped out at me. So… I went for it. It’s really, really, really different. The kind of different where people say, “You got your hair cut! Wow! It’s so different! Yeah, wow…” They don’t say they like it until later. But I think I like it. And it’s nice to finally have hair with personality! Now I almost feel like I need to buy clothes to match…

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And 2 weeks later…

That third stocking cap is almost finished, thanks to a jaunt home to hang with my mom for the last wheeze of her bar. Mom’s has closed its doors. (Really, the bar’s name was Mom’s.)

We sang our last karaoke together, Mom and I. We started with some ‘You Oughta Know,’ because there’s nothing like singing, “…and are you thinking of me when you fuck her” at the top of your lungs to a room full of smoke and strangers with your mom. We moved on to ‘Me and My Bobby McGee’ and wrapped it all up with ‘White Rabbit.’ I do enjoy White Rabbit. My cousin was the DJ that night, a couple of aunts and uncles came it to show their love, some of the old regulars were there, and all in all it was a good time. Oh, and there was some big football game on too. Right. That.

Mom’s bar was kind of like Harry Potter without the magic, but all the characters.

You could always find a good mullet.

Holy Mullet

Or two.

Mullet Too

I really really wish that was a better picture.

There’s karaoke every night.

Freddie Karaoke

The usual DJ had even just dyed his hair.

Rocky goes brown

You can almost always find a pool partner.



Shorty is pretty much guaranteed to show up.

There’s Shorty!

And if you’re very, very lucky (and don’t piss Mom off), you’ll make it to the wall of fame.

Wall of Fame

It was fun. It made great stories. I’m so glad, especially for her, that it’s over. Breathe well, Mom!




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