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You still there?

I told myself that I wouldn’t use this blog as a venting tool.  My life is very eventful and sit-come fodder and all that, as we all know by now. But, it’s one thing to tell a good story, and it’s another thing to only have negativity to convey.

It’s been a rough road since the tree fell on the house. Since the dogs face tried to rot off and then the emergency root canal, actually. But especially since the tree. We were out of the building for about 10 days, got permission to live in all but the room that was directly hit (the office) and the room in front of that (our bedroom). We moved into the spare room, contemplated moving out all together, but decided that, since we could live there through the repairs, we would stay.

About two weeks ago we got word that the work was to start the following Monday. And by the way, the top floor of the house would be uninhabitable.

We  moved everything out of the office, our bedroom, the spare room, the linen closet, the hall closet and the bathroom, and we moved back to our friend’s house for the duration of the repairs. We’re hoping it will only be a month.

It’s amazing how, when something this enormous in your life happens, other things come together or fall apart.  Nothing quite stays the same. It’s amazing how difficult it is to keep the perspective of how lucky we are and how small this really is in the Grand Scheme that we always talk about. And even more amazing is how the stresses all start to pile up and rear their heads. The sense your weakness and try to take over.

Life has felt very much like a struggle lately. Even the day to day things like work are difficult and trying and overwhelming. I know that this is yet another phase and, like the phases before it, it will pass, but it has been a very long time since I so wholeheartedly wished for a fast forward button on life.

In good things, my sister is pregnant. Three months along with a boy. She’s absolutely giddy with happiness. It’s wonderful. Someone else to knit for! I have six months to get something done. It’ll never happen.


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