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Maybe I’m back.

We moved back into the house on June 24. I can’t believe the immediate drop in the stress level. It had gotten very not pretty. Like the boss saying, “you’re not ok” kind of not pretty. Yeah.

And since then:

I’ve worked at the farmers’ market every Saturday that I’ve been home (except when my sister visited). I love the market.

A friend and her hubby and kids came into town the weekend of June 29. We had a very nice dinner and visit. Yes I had doubt as to whether it would be.

We had people over for the 4th of July. It was very low key and only rained for a little bit before dinner time. All was well.

I left for Seattle for work on July 5 and came back on July 7. Somehow, we managed to fit two days of work and two nights on the town in there. It was really fun!

My sister, her hubby, and their 3 kids came to town July 12-15. Just a really, really nice, good time. In every way. And, at the WNBA All Stars game on Sunday, our section/row was randomly picked to win free round-trip Southwest tickets to anywhere! How cool is that?

We leave for a weekend of the Empire State Brewfest and some camping/hiking in Ithaca on July 20. It should be gorges. Ha ha ha. Ahem.

There’s a trip to Knoxville and Asheville Labor Day weekend.

We head to AZ for a family wedding and some general tooling around at the end of September/beginning of October. I finally get to see the Grand Canyon!

So yeah. Wow. Busy.

In the midst of all this is the moving back in and reorganizing, rethinking, retooling of furniture and closets and life. There’s been a lot to chew on over the last three months—some good, some really bad, and some just philosophical and evaluative and ok. Sometimes you need a kick in the pants to force you to step back and take stock. This kick was just much, much harder and more prolonged than I expected.

However, I got a lot done on the second Bigfoot sock (pdf) on the planes to and from Seattle. There’s hope for completing the pair! I mean, I’ve only been working on them for about a year now. Oy.

I picked up some Cascade 220 superwash in Seattle to make my sister’s new baby a blanket. Maybe. He’s due in December. That may not be enough time. We’ll see. Travel does increase the chance of completion. (Time confined in the car or on the plane can be a beautiful thing.)

I want to make the existing nieces and nephews beanie-style hats with their first initials on them for Christmas this year. I’m thinking a chunkier yarn with big letters at a slant. I’m not having a lot of luck finding thick letter charts though. They’re all skinny and cursivey and ew. I may be doing some charting and designing of my own for the first time. Did I say Christmas this year? Maybe next. Ha!


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