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Picking back up…

The Bigfoot Socks (PDF), they are complete. And they fit. And he likes them. (They were finished in August, but good news always bears sharing.) I am proud.

bigfoot socks

I have 6.5 6 squares left to knit for secret squares. Baby Cracker (hey, it’s what they call him, and I don’t ask questions of the pregnant lady) will be arriving right after Thanksgiving, so I’m trying to crank out the last squares in time for the holiday. My other sister is going to help me with the sewing of the flannel backing, which I think is a nice touch. I like having both of our hands and love involved. Awwww.

secret squares

I’ve been working on the hats for the nieces and nephews, too. I’m fudging a couple of different patterns and trying to create my own charts for the letters. We had a whoopsie on the gauge for the first, and then we had a whoopsie on the letter placement for the second. I think the third time will be a charm.

big m hat

(The first one may have also had some golden-arches syndrome sort of thing. Whoops.)

Life has continued to be a, um, well, challenging, but I think I’ve hit an upswing. I definitely feel a sense of inner movement that I have not felt in a long, long time. And I’ve identified starting points that may actually get me out of this rut someday in a future that feels palpable. Yay hope and progress!


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