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So… Behind…

Well, as you saw, I made the ‘M’ hat. And that was a McDonalds-themed bucket. And then I made an ‘A’ hat. The ‘A’ was up too high and indecipherable when placed on the head. Cripe. So I made another one, and that one was good. Then I re-made the ‘M’ hat, and that, too, was good. And then the ‘C’ and that was too small. I’m re-knitting that now. But, before I started re-knitting that, I made the ‘K’ hat with the stars all around, and the ‘R’ hat with the polka dots all around, and then the ‘K’ and ‘N’ hats for the twins. After the ‘C’ hat, that now has lightening bolts on either side of the letter, I need to make one more—a ‘D’ for the brother-in-law. Which, of course, makes me think I should make one for the other brother-in-law, but whoa. We’re getting out of control here. Especially because:

I still need to make the stockings for my friend, her hubby, and the twins. Fortunately, I got a kick ass sewing machine for my birthday, and so I’m going to sew them. That SHOULD be so much easier and faster than knitting, but since it’s my first sewing project since the pillow in junior high home ec, we know we’re in for some snags in the process.

And, I’ve got some baking left. Another batch of butter thumbprints (valuable lessons in jelly vs. jam vs. preserves learned), chocolate ginger cake with bourbon glaze, and hot chocolate mix with homemade marshmallows. I already made hermits, macaroons, lemon poppy pound cake, and half the butter thumbprints. Maybe I’m an overachiever?

I leave for the family’s house on Sunday. Saturday involves working the farmers’ market, celebrating the holiday with the BF, and then all of the aforementioned undone tasks.

Oh, and I haven’t started wrapping.

And despite it all… the stress, the preparation, the sinking how did I get THIS behind feeling… the lack of sleep and lists of lists… I do love it. I love the spirit of the season. I love the look on people’s faces when they open a gift that I put heart and soul and thought into. I love the feeling of giving back. That’s what it’s supposed to be about for we non-religious folk, right?

I also found this website, which I think is so cool: Markmakers. It’s geared specifically towards kids, and you can buy them gift certificates to “spend” on the charities of their choice. I’m getting one for my older nieces and nephews as part of their gifts. They’re at an age where they understand giving back and think it’s really cool. I’m all about fostering that!

I’ll post pictures of the finished hats and all that just as soon as I take pictures.

And my sister loved the blanket. YAY!


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