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Happy things

Please pardon the appearance of this post. Nothing that I did made it look less than like complete ass and I gave up. Cheerio!

There’s so much to write about, and so few pictures taken to show you what I’m talking about! I’m a bad blogger.

Garden BedsThe garden beds are in and the plan has been created. I am just so excited! We’re doing tomatoes, hot peppers, beans, black-eyed or purple-hulled peas, cucumbers, chard, lettuce, radishes, carrots, herbs, and maybe some other stuff that I’m not remembering. This weekend we’ll get the fertilizer and lime mixed in and the plants and seeds in the ground. I scared a bunny out of the strawberry patch yesterday, so we’ll have to put some fencing around the beds once everything is in. Marley would love to be on 24/7 bunny patrol, but I don’t think the neighbors would appreciate it so much. I also potted some Euphorium with the Tiny Hope Lilies that came back from last year, and put an adorable row of potted angel wing begonias and scented geraniums along our front walk. They make me so happy to see them when I pull up to the house.

More MorelsI went to MDSW with the farmer and her sister, and oh my we had so much fun. It was a perfect day. I’ll post more about that with pics of the yarn I bought next post.

BF went out to do more morel hunting the mid-week after we found the last haul. He came back with about 75 more (and no ticks this time). We’ve been eating really, really well. When you click to make that bigger, notice the can of Dale’s Pale Ale (which is so very tasty) for size comparison.

Clapotis, hard at workThe pink blob grows larger each day. Here it is, hard at work creating process flows. I’m doing an extra set of increases, and then I’m on to the straight rows. It actually has some length now, so I feel like I’m making progress. I need to find some time to really hunker down and spend a few hours on it so I can get it done. My niece’s birthday is in June, and she’d like polka-dotted mittens, a striped scarf, and then I’d like to replace the two hats that I had made her and she grew out of. I think I’m setting myself up for failure on that deadline again… 40 minutes a day of knitting time really doesn’t accomplish things very quickly. But, if I could get the scarf and mittens done, I’d be happy.


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I’m small, so I always get the sprawlers plopping down next to me on the Metro. You know what I’m talking about—those people who sit down, spread out their arms and legs, spread out their newspapers, squish you further into the corner of your seat than you already were, scoff at ideas of personal space, and hinder any chance of even slight movement. Sometimes the flailing pointy sticks are a deterrent. Not today.

Today, I think the sprawling excuse may have been long legs, but this bloke slid himself down into the seat at an angle, so he was partly over the not-so-imaginary line on my side of the seat. There are very obviously two seat cushions there. A visible divider. But it didn’t matter. I really think I heard a vacuum seal go WHOOOOOSH as he quickly lowered himself in and settled into his/my space with his newspaper.

As always, I was knitting. Knitting requires arm movement. He was partly on my seat cushion. Every time I grazed his side with my elbow, which was tucked in to my side because I was trying to make myself as small as possible and avoid contact, the guy would visibly flinch and cast a glance my way. I do mean the word graze. I was not poking or being forceful in any way.

I contemplated saying something to point out that it was impossible to make myself any smaller and that he was clearly over the line, but then I had visions of childhood car trips where I had to sit in the middle, feet straddling the “hump”, while my sisters got the more ample, comfortable outside space and boy how that got me steamed. Steamed with volume. My voice is probably still ringing in my parents’ ears. So, I felt childish. Justified, but still childish. And besides, he had a sneezing fit about 5 minutes into the trip that resulted in much nose honking, and I decided best not to make him aim in my direction with some instigating conversation.

When I did tuck my knitting back into my bag, he actually took notice, inquired if this stop was mine, and politely got up to let me out. Go figure.

I’m on the 5th increase repeat of the pink blob. It’s coming along… slowly.

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