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2010 Knitting List

I keep having this notion that I want to do a year of knitting selfishly. I have little that I’ve actually made myself, and a whole queue of things that I want to make. For me. Now. I sat down and made a list of all the things I’d want to make before starting to knit selfishly. The items slated for others. Because I’m very verbally generous, but knitting time poor.

  1. ‘K’ hat for my niece. I made her one already, but she grew out of it. Pattern kind of in my head and on scrap paper and graph paper.
  2. Stocking cap for my niece. I made her one already, but she grew out of it.
  3. Stocking cap for my brother in law. I did not make him one, but he keeps asking and so it might be time.
  4. Mittens for my niece. These were almost done, but proportioned wrong for her hands, so I frogged them back to yarn balls on New Year’s Day. Cleansing?
  5. Mittens for my nephew. (Ravelry link)
  6. Mittens for my other nephew. Pattern TBD.
  7. Gloves for a different nephew than the two mentioned above. Pattern TBD.
  8. Flip top mittens for my boyfriend. Pattern TBD.
  9. Reknit the cashmere hat for my boyfriend that got all stretched out and was a valuable lesson in cashmere. Plan of action TBD.
  10. Socks for the boyfriend. I have a couple patterns that I’m choosing from.
  11. Cowl for my boyfriend’s cousin that we recently found out is knocked up with identical twins. (Ravelry link)
  12. Baby gift A  for my boyfriend’s cousin. No freakin’ clue.
  13. Baby gift B for my boyfriend’s cousin. See #12.
  14. Peaks Island Hood for one of the kids I used to babysit who is now 21 but we don’t like to think about that.
  15. The queen-sized blanket I promised my sister after I’d obviously had way too much to drink.  Man, I must love her a lot. (Ravelry link)
  16. Oh, and the secret santa scarf that is now way overdue and I’m contemplating ripping out again and re-knitting, so let’s not link to that.
AMan's Hand Warmers

This nephew is very large

A coworker/friend left work today because his wife was FINALLY in labor. She was due on Christmas. I’m definitely contemplating a gift for their wee one.

So then comes the $1,000,000 question. When the hell do I knit for me?

I’ll figure it out. I swear. I will.

But look! Today I mailed these out. (Ravelry link) They’re a pair of mittens for my other nephew, not to be confused with any of the others mentioned above. Prolific bunch, my two sisters. AND, I have almost an entire mitten done for a nephew that is mentioned above. That’s some pretty good progress for January 6 (for me).


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That makes me want to write here again.

I think the word that can adequately sum up last year is INTENSE. Life seemed to take place in screams. I’d like to make 2010 more like positive movement forward. Or less stress. Or, if we have to use one word, how about Growth. It’s time to stop talking about the shit that would make me happy and DO it. That whole ‘life is what you make it’ thing.

So, of course, I’m starting by organizing the piles of yarn and projects that have accumulated. That is the most important thing, right? I mean, when your knitting habit starts to get stressful, you know it’s time to act. So, currently, this is my dining room table.

getting organized

Wish me luck.

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This should really be day many-days-more-than-five, since I’ve become so happily behind, but we’ll just call it Day 5 and continue from there. (That will make my 30 days last even longer!)

Since my last post:

september 001I gave notice at my current job. It’s amazing what nice things people have to say about you once you give notice. It’s a very nice ego boost. It’s also nice that the people I worked with are genuinely happy for me. I seem to have developed a little team of cheerleaders who understand that the current situation is unhealthy, unfix-able, and beyond my control (how validating!), and have been waiting with me for me to find the next opportunity. There has been a lot of grinning.

We drove to Pennsylvania for a family weekend and had a really, really, really nice time with cousins, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and on and on. There was catching up and eating and singing around the campfire and eating and homebrew and eating. The rain pattering on the tents was actually a nice sound while we slept, and the rain let up enough to let us pack up without getting drenched.

We went to East End Brewery and stocked up on beer. Beer with fresh hop flowers. Mmmmmmm.

My nephew turned 12. TWELVE. How does that happen? I love those kids like crazy, my nieces and nephews. I love watching their personalities grow and bloom, watching them turn into good people, not just well-behaved kids. I wish I lived closer to them so I could spend more time with them, but I’ll head up sometime in October and we’ll have a big birthday celebration.

september 002bI finished mittens for my niece! They were for last Christmas. Ahem. They’re Give A Hoot by Jocelyn Tunney (Ravelry link) and I LOVE them. It felt so good to get them done. I also am finishing up the button band on the baby sweater I’ve been knitting since July. They baby was born July 20 and the mom is back to work, so that’s a little behind too.

And, I’m just generally feeling good. I haven’t felt good like this in a long, long time. There’s still too much going on. I’m still not keeping up on life, but I feel like I’ve turned some kind of corner and I’ve got an opportunity to take a deep breath and reconfigure things so what’s important to me is on the top of the list again. It’ll be hard to be patient while I figure out what works, but that’s ok.  I’ll get there.

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I got back to my desk and found this:


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Happy things

Please pardon the appearance of this post. Nothing that I did made it look less than like complete ass and I gave up. Cheerio!

There’s so much to write about, and so few pictures taken to show you what I’m talking about! I’m a bad blogger.

Garden BedsThe garden beds are in and the plan has been created. I am just so excited! We’re doing tomatoes, hot peppers, beans, black-eyed or purple-hulled peas, cucumbers, chard, lettuce, radishes, carrots, herbs, and maybe some other stuff that I’m not remembering. This weekend we’ll get the fertilizer and lime mixed in and the plants and seeds in the ground. I scared a bunny out of the strawberry patch yesterday, so we’ll have to put some fencing around the beds once everything is in. Marley would love to be on 24/7 bunny patrol, but I don’t think the neighbors would appreciate it so much. I also potted some Euphorium with the Tiny Hope Lilies that came back from last year, and put an adorable row of potted angel wing begonias and scented geraniums along our front walk. They make me so happy to see them when I pull up to the house.

More MorelsI went to MDSW with the farmer and her sister, and oh my we had so much fun. It was a perfect day. I’ll post more about that with pics of the yarn I bought next post.

BF went out to do more morel hunting the mid-week after we found the last haul. He came back with about 75 more (and no ticks this time). We’ve been eating really, really well. When you click to make that bigger, notice the can of Dale’s Pale Ale (which is so very tasty) for size comparison.

Clapotis, hard at workThe pink blob grows larger each day. Here it is, hard at work creating process flows. I’m doing an extra set of increases, and then I’m on to the straight rows. It actually has some length now, so I feel like I’m making progress. I need to find some time to really hunker down and spend a few hours on it so I can get it done. My niece’s birthday is in June, and she’d like polka-dotted mittens, a striped scarf, and then I’d like to replace the two hats that I had made her and she grew out of. I think I’m setting myself up for failure on that deadline again… 40 minutes a day of knitting time really doesn’t accomplish things very quickly. But, if I could get the scarf and mittens done, I’d be happy.

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It’s Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day. I haven’t had Ben and Jerry’s in a good, good long time. I used to go every year, but I haven’t worked near one in a spell. It was good to be back in the ‘hood and have some midday chocolate therapy on a sugar cone.

ClapotisThe Clapotis will not be done for the April 30 deadline. Not by a long shot. But, I’m making some progress. See? The pink blob is bigger! I have not yet ordered more yarn. We won’t celebrate the birthday immediately, so hopefully I can buy some yarn, buy some time and still make it before it’s noticeably late.

The yarn arrived yesterday for Picovoli and the Honeymoon Cami. Must. Not. Succumb.

In very exciting news, I’m going to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival for the first time this year and I’m sooooo excited. I’m definitely going with the farmer I work for, which should be SO FUN. She’s the type of good energy that makes me feel like a mooch to be in her presence because I KNOW I’m not giving back as much as I’m getting. I’M SUCKING YOUR ESSENCE! A friend from the last gig that I’d be thrilled to hang out with and BF may come along too. BF said he’d come if they had lamb chops, I think trying for inappropriate, but oh boy do they. (He also wants to go see Lynn Rosetto Kasper of Splendid Table speak at the farmers’ market, so we’ll see what wins out.)

In the Great Tick Debacle, 2008, we pulled another 50 or more ticks off of Marley last night. Those little, tiny, pencil-point size ones really suck. Ha. Bad unintentional pun. BF found a bunch down the length of her tail, we both found clusters of them in her paws, and there were still more in her backside hair that we so affectionately call her “Farrahs” because they look like Farrah Fawcett‘s bangs from the olden days. Poor girl. BF did call the vet, who kind of just said that these things happen. We did the right thing with the quick removal, and any sickness would show up with time. Lyme is unlikely since they’re lone star ticks, thank goodness. We’ve already done that once thankyouverymuch.

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Casting on again

I cast on for the clapotis. I know, I know… cheating on Tubey already. But there’s an April 30th deadline! Stop laughing. It’s also 84 degrees in DC today and my main project is a long-sleeved sweater. Let’s talk about my planning skills here. Oh wait, there’s nothing to say because I DON’T HAVE ANY. I have whims. Oh well.


Anywho, this is the Clapotis nub that I have done. This is the progress I have to show for my morning metro ride. Pretty pathetic, hey? It’s in Artyarns Regal Silk, color 112. I have 4 skeins, and I’m afraid it won’t be enough. My friend is big boned and broader than average, and so I may need to do an extra repeat or two. This may be where I should mention that the tag on the yarn specifically says, “This yarn is Hand Painted. No two dye lots are identical. Be sure to purchase enough yarn.” I’m choosing to ignore that right now. (I’m sure I’ll be sorry later.)

Of course, that Knit Picks order should be arriving any day, and I got yarn for those other projects, too… I sense a big case of ADD heading my way.

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